A Leap for Legadema (Science & Nature)


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    The little leopard Legadema has to learn to find her place in a big, big world. When the cub was born during a fantastic African storm, the sky cracked and brightened with lightning, and Legadema, which means light from the sky, was named. She soon learns from her mother that the path to adulthood isn’t always easy. She also has to learn from experience, like when she encounters a hungry pride of lions! Luckily for Legadema, her mom is one fierce protector. Amidst the vibrant, chirping grasslands, bristling with danger and predators, will little Legadema learn to hunt, hide, and thrive as she strikes out on her own?

    ISBN 9781426329739
    Pub date 22/03/2018
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 247x247mm