A Zebra’s Day (Pre-Reader) (National Geographic Readers)


    This item will be released May 14, 2020.

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    Follow a zebra throughout the day as it grazes and spends time with its herd in its grassland habitat. Through engaging text features, such as the vocabulary tree and the wrap-up activity, kids will be introduced to vocabulary in concept groups, helping them make connections between words and expanding their understanding of the world.

    National Geographic Readers have been a hit in the competitive beginner reader category, and now this Pre-reader series follows upon that success with the same careful text, brilliant photographs, and fun approach to high-interest subjects, bringing the National Geographic Pre-Readers to emerging readers. Through accessible, decodable text, clear, engaging visuals, and vocabulary introduced in concept groups, new readers will begin a lifelong relationship with reading.

    ISBN 9781426337178
    Pub date 14/05/2020
    Availability 14/05/2020
    Binding Paperback
    Format 229x152mm