Forensics: Super Science and Curious Capers for the Daring Detective in You (Solve This)


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    C.S.I. meets National Geographic in this forensics-filled adventure. Examine the evidence and consider the suspects to put your crime-solving skills to the test.

    Calling all budding sleuths! Solve your way through each entertaining, imaginary G-rated mystery to explore the forensic science of investigating and analysing evidence. You’ll study smudges on a computer keyboard, dust for fingerprints, examine bite marks on a discarded snack, analyse toxicology tests on blood samples, and much, much more. Piece together the clues to see if you can solve each case.

    Fans of true crime dramas, escape rooms, mysteries, and preeminent author Kate Messner will love this introduction to forensic science.

    ISBN 9781426337444
    Pub date 30/04/2020
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 254x203mm