Here to There (L1/Co-Reader)


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    Whether you’re canoeing down a river, zooming in a maglev train, or just simply walking, people are always on the move! In this book, young readers will explore the ways we travel through water, on land, and in the sky.

    National Geographic Kids Readers have been a hit in the beginning reader category, and this book builds upon that success with a new approachparents and children reading together. With the same combination of careful text, brilliant
    photographs, and fun approach to high-interest subjects that has proved to be a winning formula with kids, National Geographic Co-readers provide one page of adult read-aloud and one page of kid read-aloud text on each spread, building
    toward a collaborative reading experience.

    ISBN 9781426334955
    Pub date 01/01/1900
    Availability 01/01/1900
    Binding Paperback
    Format 152x228mm