How To Speak Cat


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    How to Speak Cat is an amusing, informative guide to the body language of cats with additional facts, games and tips, designed to entertain children as well as encourage responsible pet care. Learn why your kitty likes to climb way up high, what it means when she flops belly-up in front of you, what each tail position says about your cat, and a lot more.

    This guide features:

    • More than 55 different feline poses with detailed explanations of their meaning;
    • Test yourself in the interactive Kitty Case section, in which our feline expert presents the scenario and you determine what it means;
    • Vet care and advice, wacky fun facts, training tips and more than 100 cat photos.

    ISBN 9780008257903
    Pub date 05/04/2018
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 152x229mm