How to Speak Emoji


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    An amusing, informative guide to the popular emoji symbols with additional facts, games and tips, designed to entertain as well as encourage digital confidence.

    Emojis are everywhere on your phone and computer from winky faces to frowns, cats to footballs. This guide features 100 of the most popular emojis and funny examples of how to use them. With a digital expert as a guide, learn the history of emojis, how they’re made, and how they’re used around the world. Try telling a story with emoji, make emoji faces with friends, and test your knowledge of the symbols in a quiz.

    How to Speak Emoji features:
    • Brightly coloured emoji dictionary with illustration, meaning, and example usage
    • Games and activities: tell a story with emoji and an emoji guessing game to play with friends
    • Historical timeline, digital insights and fun facts
    • Internet safety and friendly usage tips

    ISBN 9780007965014
    Pub date 05/04/2018
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 152x229mm