ICK!: Delightfully Disgusting Animal Dinners, Dwellings, and Defenses


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    Animals–they’re cute and fluffy, cuddly and puffy, and … downright disgusting. Get ready to be totally grossed out as you discover all the incredibly icky ways animals eat, live, and defend themselves.

    From award-winning author Melissa Stewart comes the grossest journey through the animal world you’ll ever take. From ants to zebras get ready to discover some seriously strange animal behaviors. Slurp up soupy insides with houseflies, spit sticky saliva to build nests with birds, and fend off predators with poo-flinging caterpillars and farting snakes. And that’s just the tip of the dung pile! These yucky habits may seem surprising to us, but they’re totally normal for these animals. In fact, their survival depends on them.

    Snappy text, incredible photography, and more cool features add to the learning fun. Ready to chew some fingernails with cockroaches? Dive into the digusting world of animals!

    ISBN 9781426337468
    Pub date 25/06/2020
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 276x216mm