It’s a Numbers Game: Basketball: From Amazing Stats to Incredible Scores, It Adds Up to Awesome


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    Why do NBA players only have 24 seconds to score a basket? What’s the geometry behind making the perfect shot? Become a basketball pro and learn all about the numbers and maths behind this popular sport.

    Numbers are everywhere in basketball–from the dimensions of the court to the points you can score to the digits on each player’s jersey. In this awesome new book, you’ll learn how these numbers make basketball the game we know and love today, and also get a few tips along the way on how to improve your game. Read about amazing statistics and learn how to track the stats of your favourite basketball stars. Discover how to improve your bounce pass and chest pass with geometry and physics. Colourful graphics explain the maths behind the sport, and cool photos make you feel like you’re right on the court. Filled with sports trivia and fun activities at the end of every chapter, this book is sure to be a slam dunk with kids who can’t get enough of the game and want to learn more.

    ISBN 9781426336898
    Pub date 06/02/2020
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 282x222mm