National Geographic Kids Readers: Volcanoes (National Geographic Kids Readers: Level 2 )


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    This series combines National Geographic photography with informative text written to inspire, inform and excite young readers. This volume deals with that evergreen kids’ favourite – volcanoes.

    The cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up through cracks in the Earth’s crusts, exploding violently and sometimes unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations for months, even years. Anne Schreiber’s narrative gives readers a little of the science, a little of the history, and a lot of the action. National Geographic photography fires the imagination on dramatic spreads alive with vivid images of lava, ash, molten rock, weird rocks, and steaming seawater.

    ISBN 9781426315800
    Pub date 24/06/2013
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 150x228mm