Planets, Stars, and Galaxies: A Visual Encyclopedia of Our Universe (Science & Nature)


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    Exciting as well as enlightening, Planets, Stars, and Galaxies belongs on every family bookshelf, providing easy reference for school reports and compelling reading on the myriad mysteries beyond our world. With vivid illustrations and superb photography, this beautiful book puts the wonders of space into every child’s hands. This engaging, provocative reference work includes: the new solar system including dwarf planets Pluto, Ceres, and Eris; the latest developments in space exploration, science, and researchhow a star is born and dies, weird worlds, the galactic zoo, and more; fun facts about space and amazing new imagesSaturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, and Hubble’s deep-space view; first-hand accounts from scientists and astronautswhat it’s like to study the universe and to live in space; a fascinating look into our future in space: What space travel might hold in a reader’s own lifetimemoon colonies, hotels on Mars? How will the universe end? Questions to ponder, such as Is there other life in the universe? an illustrated timeline of space research and exploration, star charts, moon maps, fact boxes, and helpful scientific diagrams.

    ISBN 9781426301704
    Pub date 03/12/2007
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 233x289mm