Tracking Tyrannosaurs: Meet T. rex’s fascinating family, from tiny terrors to feathered giants (Dinosaurs)


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    We meet 19 kinds of tyrannosaursincluding seven new species discovered in the last two yearsthat came before T. rex. The names are strange, like Bistahieversor and Zhuchengtyrannus. The creatures were strange, too, and many of the newly discovered ones caught scientists by surprise.Filled with engaging, lifelike illustrations by Xing Lida, Tracking Tyrannosaurs explains to kids how T. rex, the most famous, ferocious dinosaur of all-time was only one of many tyrannosaurs that lived on Earth for over 100 million years!

    ISBN 9781426313745
    Pub date 01/09/2013
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 235x290mm