Ultimate Food Atlas: Maps, Games, Recipes, and More for Hours of Delicious Fun


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    Exploring the world has never been more yummy and fun! Discover how exciting and unique foods are grown, eaten, and celebrated by people all over the planet, as well as recipes for delicious dishes and so much more!

    Pull up a chair and dig into this bold and vibrant world atlas, full of fun food facts, fascinating information about crops and farming, easy-to-read maps, recipes, and games from around the world. On the menu: vegetables, grains, meats, dairy products, and foods harvested from the water. Highlights include appetizing attractions, cool places to eat, and food festivals, all while promoting sustainable eating. It’s a treat for kids who are interested in food and a valuable reference about geography, agriculture, and culture across the continents. Absolutely stuffed with mouth-watering tidbits for every reader! Kids are sure to come back to the table, hungry for more!

    ISBN 9781426338670
    Pub date 17/09/2020
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    Binding Paperback
    Format 232x276mm