Ultimate Predatorpedia


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    From high profile sharks, lions, tigers, and bears to the tiniest ants, mites, and spiders, welcome to the amazing world of creatures who prey on others for their own survival. Every animal in this book is ferocious, fierce, and fantastic in its own unique way! With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia features profiles accompanied by Did You Know details, and fast facts (including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat), as well as thematic spreads covering topics from predatory techniques to defenses and communication, and much more.

    Fans of Ultimate Dinopedia, Ultimate Bugopedia, and Ultimate Reptileopedia in the same series, will want to find a place for Ultimate Predatorpedia on their bookshelves.

    ISBN 9781426331787
    Pub date 01/01/1900
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 230x276mm