Weird But True! 2020


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    Based on the popular National Geographic Weird but True! Series, this new annual pairs the planet’s quirkiest, wackiest facts with the coolest and strangest true stories.

    From extraordinary extra-terrestials, esports superstars, animal astronauts, mermaids, unicorns, and franken-foods to the longest novels ever written, the world’s most epic train journeys, and very venomous creatures. Whether it’s gross inventions,crazy castles, ghostly goings-on, bonkers black holes, or peculiar musical instruments, Weird but True! 2020 is filled with the wackiest facts!

    Features include:
    • Facts and stories about geography, biology, the animal kingdom, social sciences, human achievement and innovation
    • Infographics and fact files
    • Bright, bold photography and illustration
    • A fact-finding index

    ISBN 9780008342159
    Pub date 05/09/2019
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    Binding Hardback
    Format 232x300mm